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Training Plans

Training Plan

Endurancefactor training plans provide detailed workouts with the proper amount of training, intensity, and recovery to get you to the finish line on race day. Each plan includes a detailed 12 or 16 week schedule with specific swim, bike, and run workouts for each day.

We have designed beginner and intermediate level programs for each race distance that can be started at anytime, but starting at the suggested dates below work out perfectly for race day.

Included with programs:

Start up document that explains the specifics of the programs as well as information to help set up training zones.

Information on pacing and race day nutrition planning.

12 or 16 week periodized training program with the correct of amount of training time based on your level of triathlon experience.

Online Trainingpeaks basic training log account.

After purchase you will be sent an email with details on how to access your program as well as the other included documents. This email will be sent within one day, but more likely within a few hours of purchase.

Questions about which programs to start with? Please email Doug Bush at Doug@endurancefactor.com or call 716/499-2300.

For 2014 we have partnered with Musselman and Monticelloman to provide detailed training plans for each event. More information can be found for each race by clicking the appropriate link below.


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