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“Working with Doug has helped me move from an Expert/Cat 1 XC rider, to a National Caliber Pro riding for the Kenda/Felt Pro mountain bike team. Doug knows how to build a strong rider, and that is why I have continued to work with him for the past 6 years”

“I came to Endurance Factor after my previous coach joined federal law enforcement. Since I had won two Colorado state mountain bike championships and placed second in my first 24 hour solo mountain bike race, I was skeptical that anyone would be as good as my former coach. However, Doug Bush has proven to be a premier endurance coach. Though his multifaceted approach to coaching, Doug has made me significantly stronger in just one season, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any other athlete, whether a rank beginner or a top-tier pro.”

Philip Hantel – Tuscon, AZ

“As a beginning triathlete I had reservations about finding a coach and making a commitment to training. Endurancefactor has been amazing. The structured personalized program has really helped me feel comfortable and prepared for my first 1/2 Ironman and start to prepare for Ironman. I feel as though I am improving day by day and starting to understand the sport I am coming to love.”

Diane Estephan – Penn Yann, NY

“Since my decision to work with Doug at Endurancefactor, my triathlon training time has gained much more focus and purpose. I had reached a point where I needed someone to tailor my training to enhance my strengths, improve on my weaknesses and to help me to reach both short and long term goals. He has exceeded all expectations I had. He works with you to develop a program specific to your needs whatever they may be.

Doug is very accessible and willing to discuss any topic that may come to mind. From training to nutrition advice to equipment selection, no question is too small to address. Whatever you are working towards, I would suggest talking with Endurancefactor. In a very short time I have seen real and measurable improvements in all three sports.”

Warren Hillsman – Webster, NY

“I’ve been training with Doug since 1999, one of his first clients I believe. Prior to starting with Doug, I’d been self-coaching 15 years mainly in Mountain Biking. I’d read endless books and articles on training sessions and plans, and tried my best to put those ideas into practice. Working with Doug has completely transformed my training.
Having someone to be accountable to, and someone to inspire me to set goals and then work towards them has made a big difference. When it’s time to ride hard, Doug has had me riding harder and longer than I ever would have done on my own. But when it’s time to rest, Doug has also ensured that I built in proper recovery time – something I was never very good at in the past.

Better than any book or plan on the web, Doug is able to adapt the training schedule around my on-the-bike performances, and also around business trips, illness, and anything else that gets in the way.
Does it work? Absolutely!

Signing up for coaching from Endurancefactor is far better value than any component upgrade you may be considering for your bike… highly recommend!”

Vince Bolt – Boston, MA

“After being coached by Endurancefactor for the last two years I can highly recommend their coaching packages to any triathlete, cyclist, or runner. In fact I do recommend Endurancefactor to all of my customers looking to take their sport to the next level.

The education, knowledge, and experience of the coaches at Endurancefactor are huge advantage over many other coaches I have meet.”

James Cronkwright – Manager Towpath Bikes – Pittsford, NY