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Endurance Factor Team / Clients leading the Florida State Championship Series

The Endurance Factor Team, based out of Florida, has taken an early lead in the team race for the Florida State Championship Series (FSC). For those of you unfamiliar with the FSC, it is a mountain biking (yes, there is mountain biking in Florida!) series consisting of 8 races that cover most of Florida. Surprisingly, there are some very good and technical mountain biking trails in Florida. Every year, riders throughout Florida race for both the team and individual top spots (see www.goneriding.com) .

Gainsvilles Fl Pro MTB

Pro/Semi Pro field start in Gainesville, Florida

The Endurance Factor team is full of some very strong clients this year including Pro rider Martin Cox, junior top rider Jamie Knight, and women’s XC-2 leader Char Fosmoe.

Martin Cox

Professional XC Racer Martin Cox racing for Endurance Factor in FSC #1

Martin Cox has had a great year of racing. After putting in some serious, quality miles this summer in Durango, CO, Martin headed over to Mount Snow where he won the National Championship in the 19-29 Super D class. In addition to this, Martin also won the overall National Series in the 19-29 Super D class. Recently, Martin’s ambitions led to his upgrade to Pro. He is working very hard to make his way up in the pro ranks for 2008-2009. So far, he has shown impressive results with two back to back 4th place finishes in the Pro/Semi Pro XC class in the FSC.

Another Endurance Factor athlete, Jamie Knight, has started the FSC with a back to back winning streak in the single speed class. At 16, Jamie is racing against the top single speed racers in Florida and doing excellent. He gained a lot of experience this summer racing in many of the National Calendar races including the NOVA National, Santa Ynez National, and the National Championships in Mount Snow, VT.  The possibilities for Jamie are endless and with consistent improvement, he is on his way to a great start as a young mountain bike racer!

Char Fosmoe leading the Women’s XC-2 in the FSC #1 

To top off the Endurance Factor team, Char Fosmoe is racing in the Women’s XC-2 class. Char signed on with Endurance Factor six months ago. Her results have been impressive! Along with placing 3rd Overall in the First Coast Xterra, Char won the first FSC and placed 2nd in the second FSC. Currently she is leading the Women’s XC-2 class.

With the continued success of these clients, the Endurance Factor team is in excellent position of winning the FSC team title. They are currently leading by 9 points! The next FSC is this weekend in Tallahassee, FL, which is one of the most demanding courses in Florida. The Endurance Factor team will head into the race with great fitness. Good luck to everyone this weekend, and keep up the solid work. The results will keep coming!

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