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Who we are

Whether you are looking to finish your first event or to achieve the next level of excellence in triathlon, running or cycling, we can help guide you to become the best athlete you can be.

We believe in individual attention for our athletes therefore we do not prepackage training plans. The coaches at Endurance Factor combine scientific training principals with an athlete’s unique makeup and life schedule to create a training plan that fits your life.

It is our belief that a good coach has a thorough perception of not only what your athletic goals are but an understanding of who you are.  As with any good relationship, communication is the key to success.

While creating your program we take a number of factors into consideration.

Amount of time to train
Weekly schedule
Current level of fitness
Specific sport strengths and weaknesses
Type and distance of races
Health issues
Short and long term goals

We work with each athlete to set quantifiable goals throughout the year allowing you to reach your maximum potential.

As your coach it is our goal that you will:

Enjoy the preparation as well as the competing
Find a harmony with training, work and family
Avoid injury
Optimize available training time
Become more educated about the sport
Have our Performance level enhanced throughout the season

Endurance Factor offers physiological testing with a metabolic analyzer in various locations throughout the  Eastern US. Use of a metabolic analyzer allows for testing of VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold, and Resting Metabolic Rate. This gives you insight to your personal Training Zones which help you train smarter, and race not only wiser but faster!

Interested in training with wattage on the bike?  Endurancefactor is an authorized Quarq and SRM dealer,our coaches can explain how to best integrate a power meter into your training.

Enjoy the advantages of a coach that will work with you to accomplish your goals.  Please click on the coaching tab for more information about our individual coaches or contact us here and we will match up with a coach to suit your needs.