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VO2 Max & Lactate Threshold Testing

Determine Your Exact Training Zones

April 29, 2010

Are you training with all the facts?

Take the guesswork out of your training by accurately determining your correct training intensity.  When using a heart rate monitor it is crucial to establish training zones based around your lactate threshold (LT) rather than using maximum heart rate equations. Sports Science research has shown that using lactate threshold to establish training zones is the most precise way to establish training zones.

Until recently VO2 testing was only available for elite athletes or through University performance labs.   It is now available for all athletes!

Benefits of Testing

  • Establish exact training zones for maximum performance and weight loss.
  • Detailed heart rate and power based zones.
  • Determine endurance sports genetic potential based on VO2 Max.
  • Identify possible weaknesses in metabolic energy systems.
  • Determine fitness level.

How are VO2 Max and Lactate threshold tests performed?
The test is performed on the athlete’s bicycle attached to a computer controlled ergometer, which increases in resistance.  Actual testing usually lasts around 10 – 15 minutes depending on the individual. The athlete wears a mask with sensors attached to a metabolic analyzer so that respiratory gases can be measured (Oxygen uptake, Carbon Dioxide production, and total volume).

For more information about the testing please see click the testing here.   There is a more detailed explanation of the benefits of testing as well as a sample report.

Date: April 29, 2010

Location: Top Gear Bicycle Shop


Equipment:  Please bring bike, bike clothes, and towel.


Information/Sign Up:  Contact Doug Bush to sign up or for more information.



Price $120